When sending our children to school the goal is for them to learn their basic skills is a top priority.  Without these basic skills of math, English and Writing the ability to take on more complex subjects quickly becomes limited.  When attending a christian elementary school in florida your children will gain all of the major skills they need in order to succeed.

christian elementary school in florida


When teaching your children about math and numbers, turning the activities into fun games and interactive experiments will help keep their attention.  When working with numbers the best thing to do is associate them with items in their life.  For example, counting candy or toys will be a good way to engage students.  Brining in pieces of candy and handing them out to students and making them give and receive specific numbers will allow them to associate numbers and the physical world.


English and writing skills go hand in hand.  When learning English, being introduced to new words on a regular basis will allow them to adapt and adopt new words.  These words will have different meanings for students so to help with the association process each student should try to work them into stories.

Writing a story is the first way you can help teach students English.  They will also learn added skills such as problem solving, cause and effect and consequences.  Creative trends are also learned when writing.  Students can create conflict, engage with details in their stories and much more.

Life skills

Going to school places your children into an environment where learning life skills becomes second nature.  On average, children are really motivated to learn new things.  Encouraging them to find their own path as well as leading by example will encourage students to go off on their own adventures.