The process of learning a language is haring and then associating what you hear to a real world event.  For example, when we are learning to speak as a child our parents will say something and then associate it with a physical item.  For instance, a mother hands a baby a bottle she may say baba or bottle.  Over time the child will associate those words and actions and one day repeat baba or bottle.

The same goes for learning other languages.  As adults learning a language may be a little more difficult since we are set in our ways, however the process is the same.  This is why many adults will take free spanish classes for seniors desoto tx when they wish to advance their learning.

Start with basic words

To learn a language start with basic words.  These can be door, table, car, bike, dog, cat.  The reason for starting with simple basic words is to form an association with the language.  These words will be ones that we will use on a daily basis and as such will be the simplest to learn.


To learn phrases you will want to learn connection words.  These words are “The, In, Out, Up, Down, here, there”. So to say, “There is the dog” in another language you will take the core words that you have previously learned and then combine them with connecting words resulting in phrases.

Situational learning

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As soon as a student learns the core basics of the language and can speak a few words and phrases it is time to start with the situational learning.  Situational learning is where students are presented with real life situation where they need to say the proper phrases in order to succeed.  One good example of this is asking a student to ask for directions to the store or to order a sandwich in the restaurant.

Following these basic guidelines will help you to pick up the basics of any language.  With time and practice any student can learn how to speak any language they so desire.