Education and entertainment come together in a fun and unique ways.  With the introduction of melodramas prescott az, students, the public and anyone interested in learning about history can experience the way things were firsthand.  When students are given a firsthand experience they tend to absorb more and are even willing to put in extra effort to get the scenes right.

Historic costumes

One of the best parts is the ability to wear historic costumes.  When wearing these costumes actors are able to jump right into the era they are portraying and really absorb the material.  When wearing a costume the material, script and experience just become more real.

melodramas prescott az

Release inhibitions

When playing someone else the fear of acting in front of others is either lessened or removed completely.  The psychological handicap that most of us put on ourselves in is removed, and as a result we are made to feel more open and expressive in our performances. 

Learn about a different time

When acting the ability to learn about a different time is made much easier.  Since you act to play a specific role many sets are made to be exactly as they were back when they were created.  Looking and holding a chamber pot, walking in boots down a dirt road, searing a hat in the summer heat are all experiences many actors can have when playing these roles.  When they immerse themselves in the role a unique feeling overcomes them and their mental creativity naturally takes on the role.

Guest experience

With all of the hard work put into place and the mood set guests who come to watch these performances are transported into this time without effort.  Since they don’t have any preconceptions of what is going to occur they are instantly drawn into the story and lead down the path each actor desires them to.