Sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher go on about a specific topic, throwing out facts and figures and expecting students to absorb and remember these facts has been the way traditional schools and educators have focused on education.  In the past this was an acceptable way of teaching but has lost its impact with the rise of digital media, social interaction and more improvements in technology.

For those attending sammamish private schools, a new way of thinking and learning is at hand.  With new STEM training, interactive participation and even parental involvement in children’s education has sparked a new class of students that will one day change the way the world is run.

Setting goals

Encourage children to set goals.  When we set a goal, we are giving a child the freedom to set a path for themselves.  Too often than not parents and educators tell students that they need to learn this and learn it in a specific matter of time.  When we take the goal setting strategy, we give children the freedom to learn in their own time and in their own way.

Give tools

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Tools are vital to a student’s success.  When we are given the tools, we need to succeed and are given the training to use these tools, we can then use them creatively to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

Creating a perfect student may not be possible, however, giving someone the freedom to set goals and the tools to achieve these goals is a great foundation for ultimate success.