Our oceans are vast wonders that have yet to be completely explored.  The life and its balance with the rest of the world is in jeopardy.  Many people have been trying to fight climate change, illegal ocean dumping, and many more activities are destroying our oceans.  This is why reading manatee books about saving the ocean from the perspective of the gentle but endangered manatee is such a great find.

Don’t litter

manatee books

It all starts with one person not littering.  When we litter, we are losing control of that piece of trash.  If we take a moment to put the trash in a bag and then into a trash can or other receptacle, we are keeping control of that trash and not allowing it to enter the environment.

Help clean the beaches

Start a cleanup drive.  This is where you get a bunch of people together and start cleaning up the beaches and other areas in your neighborhood.  When people pitch in and start cleaning they are making a conservative effort to make a change.

Pass on lessons you read in the book

When you read children’s books like these there are a lot of great messages that we can pass onto our kids.  When our children learn some of the basic skills and concepts of how they can save the planet they will be more than likely to take action and work on saving the planet themselves. 

There are many lessons and morals that you can learn from books.  With children’s books especially ideas and concepts can be put into their minds that they can understand and relate to.  Then as they take these ideas and start applying them to their life’s events can change.

Enjoy the characters

Make sure that when you read you enjoy the characters.  When we enjoy and relate to the characters we being to take in and relate to the messages that are being taught.