The game of blackjack seems to be a simple one.  Be the first to reach 21 before busing and you win.  Easy right?  Well the truth is that there is nothing easy about the game.  In fact, blackjack learning materials are all over the place and are designed to help people master the game.  If you are interested in learning some of the unknown or seldom talked about secrets keep on reading.

Money management

Gambling is a high risks game of money management.  You need to know what to bid, what not to bid, take risks and when to walk away.  With each flip of the card there is a possibility that your money will go up and it will go down.  Learning when to bet big and when to fold will be the primary tool needed to win at Blackjack.

Table selection and departure

Is there a science to picking the table you play at?  Some scientific studies have shown that to be true.  In the game of chance there are no guarantees, however, there have been times where the stars align and you could have a winning streak or a bust.

Advanced card tactics

Reading and counting cards is considered illegal practices in gambling.  However, learning patterns and being able to read people is a time-honored practice.  When we use psychology, learn body movements and even how to interpret and mimic these movements we can give ourselves an added advantage to the game. 

When reading body language, you can see if people are nervous and unsure.  An experienced player can take these movements and mimic them in such a way that they are sending false signals to other players.  This will in turn make them believe that you are bluffing and then show their hand. 

blackjack learning materials

There is no magic trick in cards, no matter if you play blackjack or any other game.  However, just like learning any other skill you can stack the deck as it were and learn how to trust your guts for your personal chance at striking it rich.